When only the best will do

  • Longer lifetime
  • Saves energy

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Increases performance

  • Reduces lag
  • Silent fans

What is nanocooling?

Up until now, water had the best properties to cool down CPUs and GPUs. Nano particles – a thousand times smaller than a human hair – are a new way to boost it’s properties. To start they are non-corrosive and algae inhibiting.

But the true power of these particles is that they stick to the surface of the heat exchanger, effectively increasing it’s surface. Not only allows this for faster heat transfer, but the mixture itself also has a better structure to cool.

Choose your performance

10% higher cooling performance*

20% higher cooling performance*

About us

We envision a future where nano-materials become an integral part of everyone’s life and we want to be at the forefront of nano-material revolution. Therefore, Synano was established with a mission to use nano-technology to revolutionize the cooling technology for next generation electronics.

We believe in collaborative projects where custom coolants can be manufactured for each specific application and customer requirement.

We are a young and international team, all striving to make the next step in cooling to sustain the technology growth.